At L.B.J., we work to ensure that our classrooms are literacy balanced. This means that students work on vocabulary, comprehension, writing, phonics or word study, listening, speaking, and independent reading. Reading is a science. It has to be practiced daily. Our teachers engage in small group reading to ensure that ALL students are provided with an opportunity to interact with text and a teacher.

All students receive 120 minutes of reading daily, along with 45 additional minutes for intervention reading.

Students are required to read 30 minutes each night. This is non-negotiable. Students must also read on Myon and work on Istation.

Our reading curriculum consists of:


  • Intro To Reading Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • LLI Kits NewsELAR
  • Lonestar Reading
  • Curriculum Associates-I-Ready
  • Lowman Consulting MAP Skills
  • MAP Skills
  • Sirius-Reading
  • AR, and MyOn