• STEAM Model of Instruction: Alamo offers students an opportunity to learn through a rigorous STEAM curriculum. Through this approach, students are able to learn in a collaborative manner about how the pillars of STEAM work in harmony with each other rather than isolation. 

    The guiding principles of STEAM education include: 

    • Student Autonomy - students exercise problem solving skills throughout their learning. The teachers serve as facilitators for learning, but offer students more opportunities to make choices about their learning.
    • Constructivism - students are consistently challenged on how they think about the "way the world works" in order to build capacity for understanding how to look at things in multiple ways. 
    • Explicit / Reflective Model of Instruction - students are immersed in activities to develop an understanding and then using reflective thinking are able to make deeper connections with their learning. 


    One to One Technology: At Alamo STEAM Academy, students receive specialized instruction in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Our campus is excited to be 1:1 with iPads for Kindergarten through 2nd grade students and 1:1 Chromebooks for 3rd through 5th grade students. Some grade levels are even allowed to take their devices home with them. Students are learning to use Google apps for classroom instruction, homework, and collaboration with teachers and classmates.

    Kagan Learning: We also implement the 4Cs and Kagan Strategies into daily lessons and activities. Through the use of Kagan structures and strategies, students are able to experience deeper engagement in their learning. With engagement, the overall environment of the classroom and school are improved. Other benefits of Kagan include: 

    • Increased Academic Achievement
    • Improved Peer Relationships
    • Enhanced Self Esteem 
    • Reduced Discipline
    • Improved Social Skills
    • Character Development


    Alamo STEAM Academy students have the opportunity to be involved in clubs and to attend after school sports.  


    Extended School Year and Intersession Weeks: Alamo STEAM Academy students receive even more instructional time than every other student in the district. Our “extra” time at school is spent in enriching Intersession classes. Our Intersessions are planned around weekly and daily themes to ensure engaging, challenging, and fun activities for students of all ages. Class sizes during Intersession weeks are smaller, and students are assigned to different teachers so they can get to know other teachers in their grade level as well as in other grade levels.


    Magnet Hours: 7:40 - 4:20


    2019 - 2020 Intersession Dates: 

    • November 18 - 22
    • March 4 - 5
    • May 26 - 29 
    • June 1 - 4