ECISD Technology Services

    Technology exchange is intended to allow opportunies throughout the school year for staff members to improve their technology integraon skills. During the 2019-2020 school year, the staff of Ector County ISD will be required to attend 1 day (6 hours) of technology professional learning to be used on March 6, 2020, as the designated technology exchange day. The training session(s) must meet the following guidelines:

    1) The window to earn exchange credit for the 2019-2020 year begins when your 2018-2019 contract ends. Once your 2019-2020 contract begins, exchange credit must be earned outside of regular contract hours . Attendance at the session must not be during regular contract hours.

    2) Technology professional learning must include one of the following components to qualify for technology exchange day credit; technology integration, or using a technology tool for collaboration and communication.

    3) If you earn exchange credit during the month of June and then resign from the district before the exchange dates occur, you will NOT be paid for the days of professional development that you attended.

    4) A total of six clock hours must be accumulated for the Technology Exchange day. Several shorter sessions may be added together to equal the requirement. No less than a full day (6 hours) of technology-based professional learning will be allowed for the March Technology Exchange Day.

    5) Technology Sessions outside of the District or Region 18 courses must be pre-approved by the supervising Principal/Director of Instructional Technology/ Director of Professional Development. Technology Sessions attended without prior approval may be submitted, but there will be no guarantee of exchange day credit.

    6) Proof of attendance through an official cerficate of completion or official transcript must be submitted following the session along with a statement of intended implementaon or use of the technology skills acquired, i.e. How will you implement the technology skilled learned? Courses or conferences attended outside of the District must be added to your Eduphoria Workshop Transcript . The directions for Out of District Credit Requests are located on this site.

    7) Technology professional learning sessions must be attended prior to March 2, 2020, Any exceptions in this policy must be approved by the campus principal.

    8) Technology training is provided through the Instructional Technology Department upon request and weekly scheduled classes will be offered after school hours on designated days. All full-time staff members are required to work on March 6, 2020, unless they are eligible to use a technology exchange day.

    The following employees are NOT eligible to use a technology exchange day:

    ● All 12-month (227-day) employees

    ● All hourly employees (clock in with KRONOS)

    ● Staff members that do not qualify for the technology exchange day but want to take that day off, must use comp time, personal leave or vacation.