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    ECISD Family,

    As the days, weeks and months pass, it is important for us all to remember that the healing process and returning to "normal" may look different from person to person and child to child.  Research indicates that the third week following a traumatic event can be a time where increased support may be needed.  Behavioral and emotional changes in some students may become evident.  The question, “How are you doing?” has value.  You are important!   It is critical for us all to have our "person" we can talk to, share our emotions and do the same for them.  You are encouraged to find your “person” and make sure the students in your care have their “person” as well.

    TSA Managing Secondary Traumatic Stress for Educators

    The attached resource gives very good information on how to manage secondary traumatic stress for educators. Remember, as an ECISD employee, you have access to our ECISD’s Employee Assistance Program.   It is with Centers for Children and Families, with locations in both Odessa and Midland.

    The numbers for the offices are:

    • Odessa: 580-7006
    • Midland: 570-1084

    When you call, please identify yourself as an ECISD employee, and provide your ECISD badge when you attend your appointment.

    More information about the program can be found at this link: Centers for Children and Families Employee Assistance Program For ECISD