All requests for conducting research within and/or through the ECISD must follow specific guidelines which were established for the following reasons:

    • To protect the rights and privacy of students, parents/guardians, and staff
    • To promote continuous program improvement
    • To add to the body of knowledge in the chosen research field
    • To protect the integrity of the Ector County Independent School District


    Ector County ISD recognizes the need for continued research in education and other related areas. The department of Research & Development screens applications from graduate students, university researchers, and other research organizations requesting access to ECISD as a research site. Each proposed project is reviewed according to district policy, sponsoring university protocol, and federal guidelines for the protection of human subjects. Applications are carefully considered based on the researcher's expectations of resources from the district, the intended target population(s), the potential risks and benefits to the target population and the district, and the degree of intrusiveness into the instructional program. 

    Who needs Approval?


    Purpose: The purpose of these documents is to establish a standard procedure for individuals or agencies to follow when requesting to conduct research in/through ECISD. Having a standard procedure for researchers to follow helps to protect staff and student time, enables system research committee members to review applications in light of existing laws and statutes about privacy and research, and promotes quality research to improve a body of knowledge.

    Any study that involves data collection through observation, interviews, surveys, tests, etc., from students and personnel in the Ector County ISD schools is defined as "Research" and is subject to the approval process. This also includes any research conducted on Ector County ISD facility or campus.


    Definition: Research in/through ECISD is defined as any data collection from or about ECISD schools, students, parents, or staff OR any research outside the school system conducted by students of ECISD. Research includes, but is not limited to, data collection for the purposes of fulfilling the requirements of a thesis or dissertation, publication in a journal or book and/or completion of an education class project.

    Any individual or group must submit an application for approval to collect information for: 
         1. Individual research 
         2. Class projects 
         3. Master thesis
         4. Doctoral dissertations 
         5. Other related studies 


    ECISD employees who are collecting data, testing students, etc., not as part of their regularly assigned administrative or instructional duties, are required to secure permission prior to conducting research.

    Requirements:  ECISD requires that researchers receive permission to conduct research from the ECISD Accountability Department by




    Researcher must submit all documentation required before the formal review process will begin. 



    Researcher will receive confirmation that all documents were received via email. 



    If the External Research Review Committee (ERRC) approves the proposal as submitted, an approval letter will be sent to the researcher with copies to all the school administrators who will be involved in the proposed research. 


    If the ERRC does not approve a proposal as submitted, the application will be denied on the grounds of one of the criteria listed under Reasons for Denial of Research. Criterion deficiencies will be outlined for the applicant. 


    The department of Research & Development will notify the researcher of its decision within a month after all materials have been received by ECISD. 

    Applicants Currently Employed by the District:


    If, upon the District’s External Research Committee’s (ERRC’s) review of your External Research Application, the Committee determines that the District’s contribution to your work will be substantial, then you will be required to agree to grant to the District a non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual, royalty-free, District-wide license to use the results of your research project and permit the District to be listed as co-author or co-contributor to the research. Employee’s refusal to so agree may result in the District’s refusal of permission to use District resources, materials and/or equipment in your proposed research.




    Note: District approval to conduct research does not imply campus consent. It is the researcher's responsibility to secure individual school approval prior to conducting research. (District approval must precede campus contact.)

    [1] Form adapated from Hall County School’s Research Proposal Submission Form