The Committee's Charge

  • Receive and review the findings of the Facilities Assessment Study detailing the physical condition and other assessments of all current ECISD facilities.

    Review options for existing, renovated and/or new facilities, and their implications for projected enrollment, anticipated instructional programs and technology and related educational specifications, district staff, operations and costs.

    Develop and present to the Board of Trustees a Long-Range Facilities Master Plan to serve the district as a baseline for building cycles of 4-5 years. The Plan should include recommendations related to upgrades, renovations, and/or expansions to existing facilities to address maintenance needs and projected enrollment growth, and where appropriate, identify facilities to be replaced or added to the portfolio.

    The Bond Committee should refrain from focus on recommendations regarding specific design of schools or district facilities (meaning architectural design), location(s) of schools or district facilities (specific locations shall not be discussed; however the committee will utilize demographic studies and facility assessment information to determine parts of the District in which new facilities may be needed), boundaries of schools, instructional arrangements and/or educational pedagogy and district policy as the Facilities Plan is developed.