Leave Benefit

  • Leave Benefits

    Leave policies and regulations can be found in DEC and DED. They are:

    • DEC Legal. Local, Regulation and Exhibits - Leave and Absences
    • DECA Legal - Family and Medical Leave Act
    • DECB Legal - Military Leave
    • DED Local - Vacation

    The Family and Medical Leave Act provides certain rights and privileges to employees who qualify. These employees also have responsibilities associated with these rights. Qualifying reasons includes birth or adoption of a child, serious illness of employee or family member, a qualifying exigency of family member called to active military duty and care of a family member who suffered a serious injury in active duty. Employees must also meet other qualifications. Details and explanation can be found in DEC Local and Exhibits, DECA Legal and DECB Legal.


    The Sick Leave Pool provides for the contribution of leave days by employees to a qualifying employee who has exhausted all available leave. This pool is administered by the Sick Leave Pool Board that is elected by all full-time employees. Details and explanations can be found in DEC Regulation.