• Daily Schedule

    Office Hours - 7:10am - 4:00pm

    School Hours - 7:40am-3:20pm


    Delayed Start Schedule

    9:10am - Doors open

    9:40am - Start time

    3:20pm - Dismissal


    Campus Schedules:

    • Face to face student drop off will be in the same locations as usual.
    • Pick-up time remains the same at 3:20pm.
    • Remote students will follow the adjusted campus schedule for class log-in times.
    • Classroom teachers will post their schedule for the day in their Google Classroom, SeeSaw classes and on ClassDojo.


    • Ireland will communicate clearly if the district calls a "School Delayed Start."
    • A Parent Link will be sent out by Mike Adkins for communication.
    • Ireland will utilize our campus ClassDojo & Facebook to notify parents.


    • Transportation will begin 2 hours after normal start times.
    • The ECISD Communications Department will be notified as to how late routes are running and that information will be shared with campus administratin.

    School Nutrition:

    • Breakfast will not be provided due to time constraints.
    • Lunch service will be at the same times as a usual day.