• Here Comes the Sun!


    These two innovative outdoor classrooms will grant additional space for all of our Reagan All-Stars to learn, explore, and connect to our outdoor world. When given the opportunity to learn outside of a traditional indoor classroom setting, our students will be motivated to be more engaged, interactive, and creative in their learning. After a hard year of social distancing, learning in masks, and limited movement on our campus, we believe that these outdoor classrooms are imperative in addressing the social-emotional needs of our students.


    "The best classroom and the richest classroom is only roofed by the sky." -Marget MC Millan


    The construction will begin at the beginning of July, which means out PK-5th grade students will be able to begin utilizing the two spaces at the beginning of their 2021-2022 school year.


    If you would like to be a part of this project, you can buy a personalized, engraved paver that will be incorporated in the construction of one of our two outdoor classrooms. For questions about the pavers or more information about large sponsorship items, please contact Catherine Daniels at CatherineRdaniels@gmail.com. 


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