Suicide Prevention

    • We CARE!

               If you are thinking about suicide or if you of someone who is, please tell a trusted adult and get help.  Go to the nearest Emergency Room  or call 911.  If you know of someone who is making suicidal comments or showing signs in other ways such as drawing or writing, please report to a trusted adult.  This could be a counselor, administrator, teacher, police officer, or other staff member.   NEVER take such comments lightly.  It is always best to err on the side of safety. 

       Crisis Phone Numbers: 

             911 for Immediate Crisis
             Permian Basin Community Center Crisis Line -
      24/7 Crisis Intervention/Suicide Prevention  Hotline 1-844-420-3964
             The Crisis Center, Odessa, Tx  24/7 Hotline:  1-866-627-4747

      Informational Websites:


       Texas Suicide Prevention
           Texas Suicide Prevention Toolkit 

       National Institute of Mental Health