Physical Education & Health Philosophy

  • Our purpose of physical education is to teach the whole student, not just their body and movement. Physical education provides the opportunity to teach students about movement, strategies, teamwork, problem solving and health related fitness. Exposing students to various physical activities, sports, and methods of fitness can better provide enjoyment of physical activity, as well as build social, psychomotor, and cognitive skills. We strive to safely provide the means for students to enjoy physical activity, become more confident with their abilities, increase their knowledge of health related fitness, and help them find ways to continue to be physically active. We will provide students with the essential tools and knowledge for living a healthy, active, lifestyle. Students will be encouraged to find individual ways that work for them to stay fit in a safe fashion, both physically and emotionally.



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  • In an effort to celebrate all the great things that are happening in our PE/Health Programs, we have started our 1st  annual Healthy Hero/Shero Award! Can you all please help us congratulate our 2021-2022 Healthy Hero/Shero Award. Congratulations Coach Francisco Gonzalez and Coach Christopher Pinilla of Buddy West for being our Elementary Healthy Hero's! Congratulations Coach Jasmin Torres for being our Secondary Healthy Shero for 2021-2022! We appreciate the hard work, dedication, and passion that you all bring to our Physical Education and Health Department.  Congratulations! 

    Elementary Healthy Hero

    Sec Healthy Hero

  • We are excited about the great things happening with ECISD PE/Health Department. Please help us congratulate Coach Francisco Gonzalez from Buddy West for a job well done in representing our ECISD Physical Education/Health Department!  We are truly making an impact through movement! Keep up the great work team!

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