Cameron Dual Language Elementary

  • The dual language program at Cameron Elementary is a research-based educational program in which students learn a second language through academic instruction. 

    Cameron Elementary uses the 50/50 two-way immersion dual language model. Through this model, students receive English instruction 50% of the time and Spanish instruction 50% of the time. By 6th grade or before, students are bilingual, biliterate, and develop a cross-cultural awareness.

    In addition, students learn French as a third language. The purpose of the third language is to expose students to a language and culture of another country. Learning takes place through songs, music, theatrical plays, and the arts.

    Research indicates that students who attend a dual-language program for at least 5 to 6 years become better problem-solvers, are more creative than monolingual students, and will be better prepared to contribute to the global economy of the 21st century.

  • Mission

    Cameron Elementary will ensure high levels of learning in English and Spanish in order to cultivate bilingual and biliterate students who contribute to a multicultural, diverse, global society.


    Cameron Elementary will become the premier two-way dual language campus in Texas.

    How to know Cameron is right for your child:

    • Your child has a strong foundation in their first language and is ready to be challenged to learn a second language through academic instruction.
    • Your child is a problem-solver who will use his first language to learn a second and third language.
    • Your child is ready to take on experiences that will enrich their cultural awareness and be inspired to discover new opportunities for their future in education.

    Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

    • Dual-language classes to create biliterate, bilingual, and bicultural students
    • A two-way dual-language immersion program where all students are second language learners that are encouraged to learn from each other
    • Spanish and English component teachers that incorporate engaging activities and multiple opportunities for students to collaborate and learn a second language

Cameron Dual Language Elementary

  • 432-456-1059

    PrincipalMargarita Acosta

    Grades OfferedPre-K4 through 6th grade

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