Hays STEAM Academy

  • At Hays STEAM Academy, we are empowering scholars to be life-long learners. Our goal is to have each of our students become world class leaders in an ever-changing and challenging world.

    Our school provides the opportunity for scholars to experience rigorous curriculum through the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics; and we offer a one-way dual language program in Pre-K through 3rd grade, and late-exit bilingual program for 4th and 5th grades.

  • Mission

    The mission of Hays STEAM Academy is to create scholars who SHINE. SHINE stands for Scholars with Honor, Integrity, and Never-ending Enthusiasm.


    Hays STEAM Academy hosts a community of diverse scholars who demonstrate exemplary personal character and social responsibility through intellectual, emotional, and physical excellence.

    How to know Hays is right for your child:

    • Your child is part of a community of diverse learners dedicated to embracing challenges, seeking opportunities, and fearlessly taking risks to enhance their learning experience.
    • Your child loves to explore multiple ways to solve a problem.
    • Your child thrives on advanced academics through the lens of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to master future-ready skills.

    Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

    • STEAM focused curriculum with 1-to-1 technology
    • Multiple outdoor learning environments
    • Blended Learning Station Rotation model
    • AVID Ambassadors
    • Literacy Dogs

Hays STEAM Academy

  • 432-456-1129

    PrincipalPaula Dannheim

    Grades OfferedPre-K4 through 5th grade

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