• Zavala Elementary began as a traditional elementary school when it was opened in 1951. In the 1980's, Zavala became one of ECISD's first choice schools.

    Over the course of 25+ years, Zavala's choice focus changed several times. Most recently, in 2018, Zavala became a PreK-2nd grade campus with a focus on Community and Careers.

    Travis Elementary is our partner school, offering classes for 3rd- 5th Grades. Zavala students experience a rich curriculum focused on real-world experiences and enrichment through the Community and Career Academy.

  • Mission

    Believing OUR students are THE future, the mission of ECISD and Zavala Magnet Elementary is to inspire and challenge every student to be prepared for success and to be adaptable in an ever-changing society.


    We believe that EVERY child can succeed in reaching their academic goals to become a responsible and productive citizen.

    How to know Zavala is right for your child:

    • Your child is able to communicate ideas.
    • Your child is creative, self-motivated, and able to thrive in the real world.
    • Your child is a leader and innovator.

    Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

    • Entrepreneurship experiences
    • Dual-Language classes that create biliterate students
    • Career readiness lessons

Zavala Community & Career Academy

  • 432-456-1239

    PrincipalTanya Galindo

    Grades OfferedPre-K through 2nd grade

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