George H.W. Bush New Tech Odessa (NTO)

  • In 2011, Ector County Independent School District opened the doors to New Tech Odessa. New Tech Odessa (NTO) is an all-academic college-prep high school designed to equip students with 21st century skills.

    Through the use of technology, project-based learning, and a small learning environment, students who attend NTO will graduate with the necessary skills to compete in a global economy.

    While attending New Tech Odessa, students fulfill state requirements for recommended or distinguished achievement, as well as earn college credit through NTO’s partnerships with local universities and colleges. In addition, students are provided the opportunity to explore potential career opportunities through internships with local businesses and civic organizations.

  • Mission

    Our mission at New Tech Odessa is to develop learners who are college-ready, digitally literate, globally competent, and prepared to compete, connect, and cooperate with the rest of the world through an educational experience grounded in design and innovative thinking.

    How to know NTO is right for your child:

    • Your child is motivated by changes to lead, attracted to new ways of thinking, and eager to collaborate with others.
    • Your child is energized by a culture of learning, and driven to serve and succeed.
    • Your child is fascinated with new technology, interested in the challenge, and ready to face the future prepared.

    Unique ways your child can learn and grow here:

    • Culture that Empowers
    • Technology that Enables
    • Outcomes that Matter
    • Teaching that Engages

George H.W. Bush New Tech Odessa (NTO)

  • 432-456-6989

    Principal - Abel Avila

    Grades Offered - 9th through 12th

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