The purpose of “free CASUAL dress” on testing days is to provide a level of physical comfort to the students during a very emotionally stressful time. We encourage students to wear clothing that is not restrictive but is still appropriate in the school setting. Layering with light sweaters, sweatshirts, or long sleeves under shirts is encouraged as many times room temperatures vary during the day.


    · No dresses or skirts

    · Writing or emblems on clothing must only present positive messages as deemed by an adult in the building.

    · No form fitting clothing such as yoga pants or anything made of spandex, leggings or JEGGINGS (which are leggings made to look like jeans).

    · No see-through clothing or skin shown though cut outs, shear material or fishnet.

    · No sleeveless, tank tops, muscle shirts, racer back shirts, undershirts, or spaghetti straps.

    · Pants and shorts must be worn at the natural waist, with shorts no more than 5 inches above the knee

    · No pajama or pajama type clothing. Definition of pajama type clothing shall be determined by administrators.

    · Shoes must be worn. No house shoes or slippers. The definition of a house shoe shall be determined by administrators.

    · Torn, cut or frayed clothing is not allowed.

    · Hats and caps of any type will not be allowed.

    · JACKETS, HOODIES, OR SWEATERS WITH POCKETS are NOT ALLOWED. Students should wear pull-over sweatshirts or sweaters.

    · Students MAY wear sweatpants or warm up type pants as long as they have a drawstring and are not ill fitting (which means too tight) or distracting in any way. (NOTE: this is ONLY allowed on CASUAL free dress days for testing)

    · Students will be required to call a parent for a change of clothing if the guidelines are not met or if an administrator deems the clothing inappropriate. Students will wait in ISS until a parent brings a change of clothing.



    >Students who do not follow the guidelines and are required to change clothes will lose the privilege of free dress days for the remainder of the year.