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    Igniting curiosity and discovery© through real-world experiences


    PICK Education® is a collaborative program created by the Ector County Independent School District Innovation Department. The PICK Education® umbrella is broken into four areas; network of partners, cross curricular lesson planning, data collection and professional development. 


    The PICK Education® collaborative consists of school districts, universities, businesses and institutes.


    PICK Education® experiences meet curriculum standards and are vertically aligned. PICK education® classrooms provide blended curricular opportunities, demonstrating that content such as math, science, language arts, reading and social studies are not independent from one another. Participating schools become an extension of a university, college, business or institute.


    PICK Education® students and teachers contribute data to various fields of research and technology, such as human health, neuroscience and paleontology, just to name a few. This contribution provides students an opportunity to retain ownership of their education. 


    PICK Education® provides authentic learning engagements for educators including outdoor exploration and hands on learning with researchers and scientists, as well as presentations by world-renowned professionals.

    Learn more at www.pickedu.com

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    Ector County ISD (ECISD) has taken a novel approach to teaching and learning through innovative inquiry and problembased

    experiences, as well as authentic educator professional development. Its PICK Education collaborative connects students and

    teachers with real world experiences through university and institute partnerships, pushing them to ask and help answer real world



    Founded by the Innovation Department at ECISD, PICK Education is currently working with ten university partners on data analysis

    in medical research, citizen science, and engineering challenges. Some of these universities include Tulane University, the

    University of Maryland, Texas Tech University, San Francisco State University, and the University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

    “Through these collaborations, students’ findings have made significant advancements in scientific research while learning state

    requirements in the process,” said Jason Osborne, Ector County ISD’s chief innovation officer.


    But the program is making a difference for its educators, too. “It was not only a once in a lifetime experience for some of these kids,

    it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience for me,” said Elizabeth Gray, an AVID Coordinator and the PICK Education teacher

    ambassador at Falcon Early College High School. “These kids are now the experts. And they will be able to teach what they

    learned and how to do the experiment to their fellow students. And I just think that’s fantastic.”


    According to Osborne, the goal of PICK Education is to change the educational experience for all: “Students gain ownership of their

    education, teachers gain authentic training experiences, and partners gain contributions to data as well as a new generation of

    potential undergraduate students, researchers, or team members.” #IAmTXEd


    Web Article: https://tea.texas.gov/About_TEA/News_and_Multimedia/IAmTXEd/PICK_Education/