Special Education Students are

    General Education Students First.


    Special Education is a Service,

    not a Placement.

     MTSS is not a Funnel for Special Education   












    TIER I: Universal




    *Whole Class Data Driven Instruction






    *Acknowledge positive emotional, social, and behavior skills (SEB)


    *Progress Monitor student









    *6 Weeks Minimum















    TIER II: Targeted



    *Social skills group


    *Self management


    *Academic supports


    *Progress monitoring











    *6 Weeks Minimum



    TIER III: Intensive



    *Diagnose, Treat, Prioritize, and

              Monitor Tier 3 Interventions


    *Targeted and group interventions


    *Specific routines, structures, and

    practices in place


    *Specific documentation:

    A,B,C; Positive Behavior;


    *Possible SPED referral/FBA/BIP






    *6 Weeks Minimum