Nimitz Middle School

Home of the Admirals


     Campus Creed                                                   

     At Nimitz Middle School, we... 

    Nourish a lifelong commitment to learning by joining together to achieve excellence. 

    Motivating and respecting every individual for what they have to offer and having the 

    Strength of will to stand shoulders above the rest.


    Fight Song 

       Fight Nimitz Fight 

       Fight Nimitz Fight 

       Fight for your honor and your glory! 

       On blue and gold, Score blue and gold 

      On Nimitz we are going to win 


      We’ve got the team 

      We’ve got the coach 

      We’ve got the spirit that it takes 

      So let’s GO – FIGHT – WIN – BOYS  

      For Nimitz Middle School 

      For NIMITZ Middle School!!!!!! 


    Alma Mater 

      All hail alma mater 

      We will always be true 

      We’re searching for knowledge and for friendship too. 

      Keep your colors flying and your goals near the sky 

      With pride and honor strive for Nimitz Middle School!





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