• Campus Behavior Coordinator: Julie Marshall, Principal

    Campus Behavior Team Members:

    San Juana Gutierrez, Assistant Principal

    William Weekly, Principal Fellow

    Rick Yeager, District Behavior Specialist

    Quincy Whitehead, Counselor 

    Joe Muniz, Coach

    Sarah Flores, PE Aide

    Mandy Rhodes, PE Aide

    Shanna Moore, Special Education Teacher

    Isabel Vasquez, Special Education Teacher 

    Paula Baker, Special Education Teacher

    Elida Hernandez, Special Education Aide

    Danielle Garcia, Special Education Aide

    Nubia Rede-Ramos,  Special Education Aide

    Regina Owens, Special Education Aide

    Shanita Pruitt, Special Education Aide

     Lorena Ramos, Special Education Aide


    All of the team members have been trained in the Texas Behavior Support Initiative (TBSI). Information on that training can be found here:



    All of the team members are trained in Crisis Prevention by the Crisis Prevention Institute. More information can be found here:

    Crisis Prevention Institute