ECISD Virtual Academy

  • We know students are best able to learn and grow in school, and we have put in place comprehensive safety measures for every campus. And while we recommend as many students as possible participate in on-campus learning due to the benefits, we understand parent and student concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic.

    In addition to our traditional classroom opportunities, ECISD is offering a Virtual Academy option to qualifying students. 

    The deadline to enroll in the ECISD Virtual Academy is December 15th at 12pm. The ECISD Virtual Academy will begin on January 4th.

    Your child can be successful in virtual learning when:

    •    The student has good organizational skills and often completes assignments on time.
    •    The student is motivated and is a self-directed learner. 
    •    The student can attend virtual learning every day, for most of the day.
    •    The student is a willing reader who can engage with age-appropriate text independently.
    •    The student knows how to review directions, check their work, communicate with the teacher, and ask for support. 
    •    The student usually accomplishes everything that is expected that day.
    •    The student has keyboarding skills and feels comfortable using email, web browsers, video conferencing tools, search engines, and word-processing software (age appropriate).
  • Who Qualifies for the Virtual Academy?

  • Reasons a Student May Not Qualify for the ECISD Virtual Academy

  • Registering Students in the Virtual Academy

  • A family/ student participating in the Virtual Academy must commit to the following

  • What Learning Will Look Like

Behavior Expectations

  • Students are expected to respect the privacy of the class.  Students are not allowed to video or audio record classes, nor are they allowed to take a screenshot of the teacher or a classmate.


    Students should maintain awareness of the Zoom camera during class.  The teacher and classmates can see all facial expressions and behavior.


    Students should not broadcast their screen or use the chat feature without permission of the teacher.


    Students should practice good social etiquette.  Don't interrupt.  Make "eye contact" with the person speaking on the screen.  Practice active listening.


    Students are expected to demonstrate academic honesty.  Struggling students should work with a partner or ask the teacher for guidance when needed.


    Students should practice empathy.  Any insight gained from another students' private life out to produce empathy, and understanding of the individual and her or his unique situation and experience.  It should never be used as a tool to mock, harass, bully, or disparage.  Such comments or behavior are grounds for disciplinary response.


    Students should not use the cell phone without permission of the teacher.




  • What are the family commitments and understanding for virtual academy?

  • Will my child keep their spot at their previously assigned school if they return for in-person instruction?

  • If my child is in the Virtual Academy, can they switch to in-person learning at any time?

  • Will students in the Virtual Academy take assessments such as the MAP/STAAR?

  • Can my student who is receiving special education services participate in the Virtual Academy?

  • Can students enrolled in the Virtual Academy participate in extracurricular activities or clubs at the campus?

Kinder-12th Virtual Academy Application