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When hazardous weather threatens

When potentially hazardous weather hits, how does our school district go about determining whether or not to cancel school? We start from the position that we want to open all schools and open them on time. We will track the weather overnight and before 4:00 a.m. the supervisors from our Transportation Department will get out and drive the roads throughout the city and county. We monitor local weather reports and the National Weather Service and consult with Midland ISD as well. The condition of the roads in all parts of town is the single biggest factor in the decision to cancel/delay school or not.

If our Transportation Department supervisors feel the roads are too hazardous for our buses to run their routes, the decision is made to cancel or delay the start of school. The Communications Department will receive that information by 5:00 a.m. and immediately post the closure/delay announcement to the District website, Facebook, and Twitter; send an e-mail to local media; and launch a phone message to all parents.

In the case of a delayed start, please visit the campus website for the Delayed Start Bell Schedule - you will find this by clicking on the Bell Schedule icon at the top left of each school's webpage. Notification from athletics/fine arts will be made by the coaches and/or directors.

If they deem the road conditions safe for our buses we will make the decision to start school on time. There will be no public announcements or postings in this case.

Once the buses have started their routes and picked up students we do not want to reverse the decision because we have no guarantee there will be anyone at the bus stops or at home to meet those students if they are returned. This may be done in extreme circumstances.

There have been occasions when the roads were in good condition at 5:00 a.m. but the weather worsened as the morning went on and roads became more dangerous by 7:30 or 8:00; we do everything we can to get as much information as possible and make the best decision for our staff, students, and families. In all cases, we remind you to be cautious and keep safety first. We also track weather forecasts throughout the day in case the afternoon dismissal needs to be adjusted.

If you have questions please contact us in the ECISD Communications Department at 456-9019.