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Superintendent testifies with Texas Senate Committee on Education

Ector County ISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Muri spent a full day in Austin on May 24, testifying for both the Texas Senate Committee on Education and the Texas House Public Education Committee.

Dr. Muri and 2 others seated at table in Senate meeting room


In the Senate, the discussion centered on exploring innovative models to improve recruitment and retention of highly effective teachers, plus a look at COVID-19’s impact on the public-school educator talent pipeline, staff patterns and practices, and declining student enrollment/attendance. Dr. Muri had the opportunity to talk about ECISD’s strategic plan and the efforts to attract, grow and retain highly effective employees. Efforts including, Teacher Incentive Allotment ($879,000 received by ECISD), Opportunity Culture, RISE campuses, National Board certification, international recruiting, and the development of local teacher pipelines like Odessa Pathway to Teaching, Teacher Residencies, Para to Teacher and Future Teachers of Odessa have all been put in place in the past three years. More partnerships that will help develop leadership skills and fill hard-to-find positions are being implemented as well.




The Texas House Public Education Committee looked at House Bill 4545 and providing accelerated instruction for students. Dr. Muri was prepared to speak about ECISD’s use of federal ESSER money to fund high-impact tutoring for more than 6,000 students district-wide this year, the ECISD summer learning experience, and the Additional Days School Year program. The district’s tutoring program utilized outcomes-based contracts meaning the vendors earned more money when students grew more academically. However, this hearing was cancelled due to the incident in Uvalde and will be rescheduled.