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Fully connected

Our Technology Services Division has now installed 843 interactive flat panels in classrooms at 38 campuses across the school district replacing the mounted projectors and touch screens. About half of the district’s classroom had interactive flat panels already, the approval of Bond 2023 allowed the rest of the classrooms to be equipped with them right away.  

Updating the Technology Standard for classrooms is part of the strategic plan, and the team’s research showed these – interactive flat panels – are today’s best display for teachers.

Interactive flat panel technology ties in with a laptop for mobility, a monitor, and a docking station so that everything is connected and runs through the keyboard and mouse. The teacher and students can also screen share from any device wirelessly, and it can be used as a whiteboard or to connect to the internet. It includes many built-in tools and gives teachers more tools right at their fingertips than ever before.

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