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ECISD introduces 2022 All-State Musicians

Perseverance. Dedication. Talent. Three of the attributes that describe the students who have earned the prestigious honor of being named a Texas All-State Musician. In fact, TMEA All-State Musician is the highest individual honor a Texas music student can receive. More than 50,000 students from around Texas began the rigorous audition process, and fewer than 2,000 were selected. That’s about 3.5% chosen for this honor. We are very proud of our students chosen for this impressive distinction, five of them for the second year in a row.


Aidan Caballero, Percussion – Permian HS Band

12th grade

2021 TMEA All-State Musician

Planning to major in music performance at West Texas A&M

“You meet so many kinds of different people throughout all of the ensembles and it’s refreshing. Last year when I made [TMEA All-State] I didn’t get to have a concert, so this year it’s what I’m excited most for.”


Paige Byford, Soprano 1 – Odessa HS Choir

11th grade

2021 TMEA All-State Musician, All-State 6A Track Honors

Plans to pursue academics and sports at a university while double majoring in psychology and nutrition.

“I enjoy the blessing to make beautiful music and lift up my praises to the Lord who blessed me with the ability to sing.”


Caitlin Fitzgerald, Soprano 2 – Odessa HS Choir

11th grade

2021 TMEA All-State Musician (Mixed Choir)

Plans to go to college and pursue a career in criminal justice

“I enjoy the community that choir brings me. My best memory is probably just feeling like all my work payed off despite any doubts I had.”


Justus Davis, Tenor – OHS Choir

10th grade

2021 TMEA All-State Musician


Shaun Price, French Horn – Permian HS Band

10th grade

2021 TMEA All-State Musician

Plans to go to West Texas A&M to major in music

“My best memory of band so far was the State Marching Competition, where we performed our show for the last time. I can still remember playing my solo from on top of that huge prop and seeing all the people in the audience. It’s really a feeling you can’t understand unless you’ve done it yourself.”


Trent Avary, Bass 2 – Permian HS Choir

12th grade

Intends to major in sound recording technology and produce music

“I enjoy being around people who like making music just as much as I do. My best memory of this experience is when we were coming back from San Angelo after pre-area and we stopped to have dinner and came back with a bunch of stuff from target.”


Nydia Brito, Flute – Permian HS Band

12th grade

College Board National Hispanic Recognition Award, Texas Music Scholar

Plans to attend Texas A&M, and work towards a masters or doctoral degree in Architectural Landscaping.

“The most enjoyable thing about band is the ability to grow and become expressive through music. Music has no limits no matter the skill level, it always allows one to put their emotions out there without having to say anything. With the stress of school and sports, music has always been there to help ease worries and just be in the moment.”


Grace Sanchez, Clarinet – Permian HS Band

11th grade

Plans to major in music or marine biology

“I enjoy the community that choir brings me. We all share the same interests so it’s easy to get along with everyone and there is always something to talk about.”