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ECISD hosts 37th annual Awards for Excellence

Six high schools, 45 excellent seniors, and one grand evening to celebrate them. On May 7, Ector County ISD leaders hosted the 37th annual Awards for Excellence, a program designed to highlight some of the best and brightest graduating seniors.

The students and their parents are invited to dinner, along with a favorite teacher selected by the student. The evening celebrates all of the things that go into producing great students: kids who are talented and determined, families who are dedicated and supportive, teachers who challenge and inspire them, and school leaders, district leaders and community members who ensure there are resources to allow kids to pursue their interests and passions.

The 45 students are selected across 9 academic and extracurricular areas. The selection process requires teachers, principals, and program directors to work closely together to select the most deserving students. The selection criteria include academic standing in the particular discipline, consistent outstanding performance over a period of years, teacher and administration recommendation, participation and commitment to excellence within the activities of the discipline, long-range goals of the student, a consensus of teachers involved in the discipline. Congratulations to these students!

collage of all 45 students faces