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ECISD teachers earn more than $3.1 million in Teacher Incentive Allotment

Teachers in Ector County ISD are making an #IMPACT on students, the numbers are very clear. Now three years into the Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) program more ECISD teachers are earning designations and earning more incentive pay than ever before.  

Three-hundred fifty-three (353) ECISD teachers earned more than $3.1 million in TIA incentives this year, a sizeable increase from the 258 teachers and $2.4 million last year. The 353 teachers represent 40 ECISD schools, and their individual awards ranged from $3,462 to $21,219.

Friday morning, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Scott Muri visited eight schools and hosted an ECISD Live broadcast and media event at Ross Elementary where 9 teachers were recognized, 6 of them having earned the highest designation, Master level.

“This is Teacher Appreciation Week, and we are celebrating some of the very best in Texas today,” said ECISD Superintendent of School Dr. Scott Muri. “We are recognizing those who have earned TIA designations.”

“This is not a gift,” he added. “This is something that these teachers earned with their hard work and dedication. So, thank you for serving students so well.”

The Teacher Incentive Allotment was created by the Texas Legislature in 2019, as part of House Bill 3, to provide a realistic pathway for top teachers to earn six-figure salaries and to help attract and retain highly effective teachers at traditionally hard-to-staff schools. The allotment amount per teacher is based on the level of academic growth their students attained, teacher instructional performance, and the percentage of socio-economically disadvantaged students at their school.

There are three levels for which a teacher in Texas can qualify: Recognized, Exemplary and Master. In ECISD, 175 teachers are Recognized (up from 105 a year ago), 128 are Exemplary (up from 110 a year ago), and 50 are at the Master level (up from 43 a year ago).

Valarie Shreves is a 5th-grade Multi-Classroom Leader (MCL) at Ross Elementary. As an MCL, she not only teaches but also coaches a team of teachers. The past two years, teachers she coaches earned TIA designations (and dollars) while she just missed. This turned out to be her year and she went straight to the top, the Master level designation.

“I’m so incredibly proud of the efforts day-in, day-out that these kids bring to the table,” said Shreves. “Actually, this award for me is a reward for every single teacher in this building, every single administrator, even our custodians come in and laugh with kids, so it’s the entire building getting celebrated.”

Not only does a qualifying teacher receive the TIA incentive dollars, they also have the Recognized, Exemplary or Master designation placed on their teaching certificate. The designation remains in place for five years.

ECISD began the rigorous TIA application process in 2019. The teacher’s data is collected for one year, then verified by Texas Tech University and reviewed by the Texas Education Agency. The monetary awards are then dispersed the following year. In this third year of TIA payouts, eligible ECISD teachers are Kindergarten through 8th grade English Language Arts; Math, English I, English II, and Algebra I; PreK-4; and 3rd grade through 8th grade Science, and Biology. ECISD adds additional subjects to eligibility each year.

Dianna Richardson, a Master level 4th-grade math and science teacher at Burleson Elementary and a teacher for 33 years summed up what TIA recipients are feeling. “The work pays off,” she said. “What you do in the classroom, being there for the students, the work the children put into it, and how you pour your heart into the students. It pays off.”

Read more about Teacher Incentive Allotment in ECISD at and more from the state at  

Ector County ISD teachers earning TIA designations and incentives:


Austin Montessori

Larissa Andis, Recognized

Paulina Contreras, Recognized

Courtney Hawley, Recognized

Lauren Johnson, Recognized

Lori Stava, Recognized

Ivette Suchil, Recognized

Jeanette Villalobos, Recognized

Amanda Williams, Recognized

Violeta Gonzalez, Exemplary

Guadalupe Portillo, Exemplary

Reagan Riley, Exemplary

Verenice Sevilla, Exemplary

Amy Richter, Master


Blackshear Elementary

Dora Ameyaw, Recognized

Ora Christian, Recognized

Norma Galindo, Recognized

Alicia Gonzales, Recognized

Olga Hernandez, Recognized

Samantha Hutson, Recognized

Davd Machuca, Recognized

Brianna Moore, Recognized

Ashley Redman, Recognized

Beatrice Sosa, Recognized

Marie Bel Zermeno, Recognized


Blanton Elementary

Jessica Alba, Recognized

Shelley Carrillo, Recognized

Leesa Harrington, Recognized

Quinesha Johnson, Recognized

Cailin Webster, Recognized

Leona Colling, Exemplary

Monica Nieto, Exemplary

Della Ornelas, Exemplary

Minerva Chavez, Master

Traci Fuentes, Master


Bonham Middle School

Siara Alderete, Recognized

Samantha Rascon, Recognized

Raissa Renacia, Recognized

Samantha Baker, Exemplary

Kelly DeBouse, Exemplary

Carlos Rabaneda Trave, Exemplary


Bowie Middle School

Da’niel Beauchamp, Recognized

Josephina Cooper, Recognized

Marissa Gordon, Recognized

Rexana Hughes, Recognized

David Lee, Exemplary

Monica Olivas, Exemplary

Amber Olson, Exemplary


Buice Elementary

Claudia Arredondo, Recognized

Niki Bradshaw, Recognized

Jennifer Connell, Recognized

Danielle Dameron, Recognized

Mabel Gutierrez, Recognized

Dailynn Puente, Recognized

Donna Reese, Recognized

Joselyne Sanchez, Recognized

Catherine Sharp, Recognized

Kimberlie Snyder, Recognized

Jessica Brown, Exemplary

Margarita Grimsley, Exemplary

Wendy Ramirez, Exemplary

Tenille Reed, Exemplary


Burleson Elementary

Nancy Villanueva, Exemplary

Diana Richardson, Master


Burnet Elementary

Annette Martinez, Recognized

Wilma Ray, Recognized

Melissa Johnson, Exemplary


Cameron Elementary

Ruby Banuelos, Recognized

Maria Madrano, Recognized

Jessica Martinez, Recognized

Lizette Rey, Recognized

Jennifer Hernandez, Exemplary

Cynthia Talancon Leal, Exemplary

Chon Lee, Exemplary

Karina Ligon, Exemplary

Ramona Mata, Exemplary

Nataly Molinar, Exemplary

Griselda Muniz, Exemplary

Marco Munoz, Exemplary

Diana Tavarez, Exemplary

Terri McLeod, Master


Carver Early Education Center

Stephanie Johnson, Recognized

Matthew Maxwell, Recognized


Cavazos Elementary

Ana Martinez-Guerrero, Recognized

Christi Nickels, Recognized

Adriana Renteria, Recognized

Imelda Tarango, Recognized

Daisy Zamarripa, Recognized

Aaron Carrillo, Exemplary

Anna Garcia, Exemplary

Windy Quilodran, Exemplary


Crockett Middle School

Dominque Avila, Recognized

Reina Danica Canonigo, Recognized

Priscilla Castro Molina, Recognized

Daniella Garcia, Recognized

Laura Garcia Smit, Recognized

Rebecca Norris, Recognized

Marti Smith, Recognized

Tamara Smith-Humphries, Recognized

Angelle Mundia, Exemplary


Dowling Elementary

Megan Bell, Recognized

Gabriel Chavez, Recognized

Letitia Clark, Recognized

Amy Russell, Recognized

Jennifer Tinoco, Recognized

Anese Forsyth, Master

Sheryl Garcia, Master

Whittney Neemar, Master


Fly Elementary

Nohely Acosta, Recognized

Sylvia Fuentes, Recognized

Deisy Roman, Recognized

Veronica Garcia, Recognized

Maribel Manzanares, Recognized

Alejandro Munoz, Recognized

Karen Reyna, Recognized

Vanity Trujillo, Recognized

Gloria Cisneros, Exemplary

Sylvia Feil, Exemplary

Kimberly Green, Exemplary

Gabriela Harris, Exemplary

Griselda Montes, Exemplary

Arely Ramirez, Exemplary

Gladisol Tarin, Exemplary

Sandra Valenzuela Quezada, Exemplary

Myranda Clark, Master

Myrna Hernandez, Master

Jacqueline Hernandez Garcia, Master

Arely Montoya, Master

Jeanette Rodriguez, Master

Kara Stribling, Master

Memrey White, Master


Gale Pond Alamo Elementary STEAM Academy

Ariam Solis, Recognized

Elizabeth Ashmore, Exemplary

Kelsa Bertrand, Exemplary

Kristina Carrasco, Exemplary

Angela Friday, Exemplary

Jennifer Natividad, Exemplary

Christa Miller, Master


Goliad Elementary

Napoleon Armendariz , Recognized

Anita Mckay, Recognized

Ambrosia Rodriguez, Recognized

Neftali Salgado, Recognized

Cristina Rodrequez Vidal, Recognized

Andrea Soto-Mesz, Recognized

Maria Isabel Alvarez Fernandez, Exemplary

Maria Del Bosque, Exemplary

Juan Navarrete, Exemplary

Leslianne Prince, Exemplary

Audrey Carrasco, Master


Gonzales Elementary

Keri Rivas, Recognized


Hays STEAM Academy

Clarice Crisostomo, Recognized

Karla Guzman Penaflor, Recognized

Maloree Hinesly, Recognized

Monica Madrid, Recognized

Vanessa Rivas, Recognized

Erika Pocaterra Bermudez, Exemplary

Deborah Pina, Exemplary

Monica Pinson, Exemplary

Ashley Rojo, Exemplary


Ireland Elementary

Michelle Alvarez, Recognized

Edward Corrales, Recognized

Crystalina Nealy, Recognized

Alexis Lopez, Exemplary

Nereida Nieto, Exemplary

Christy Patrick, Exemplary


Johnson Elementary

Phyllis Faulkner, Recognized

Jami Gatewood, Exemplary

Brooke Sparkman, Exemplary

Pamela Templin, Exemplary

Madison Ross, Master



Jordan Elementary

Casey Boswell, Recognized

Maria Carrillo, Recognized

Kary Evans-Bailey, Recognized

Jennifer Gaule, Recognized

Boney Dylon Martinez Suro, Recognized

Tanya Murray, Recognized

Rodrigo Quintanar, Recognized

Cynthia Rodgers, Recognized

Gloria Salinas, Recognized

Nicole Specter, Recognized

Maribelle Vigil-Minyard, Recognized

Angie Kirk, Exemplary


Lamar Early Education Center

Arlene Denney, Recognized

Jennifer Merriman, Recognized

Lina Hernandez, Exemplary


Milam Elementary

Enedina Lozano, Recognized

Jasmine Valencia, Recognized

Lorena Carrasco, Exemplary

Casandra Contreras, Exemplary

Dania Flack, Exemplary

Gabriela Luna, Exemplary

Tara Mathis, Exemplary

Laura Merono Coello, Exemplary

Rebecca Plymell, Exemplary

Angelica Ruiz, Exemplary

Christy Starkes, Exemplary

Morayma Valverde, Exemplary

Annalisa Zapata, Exemplary

Stephanie Clark, Master

Veronica Pena, Master


Nimitz Middle School

Casey Alexander, Recognized

Monica Azcarate, Recognized

Nilda Lucas, Recognized

Teddi Martin, Recognized

Katie Mata, Recognized

Michelle McNeill, Recognized

Hugo Stierholz , Recognized

Emma Dominguez, Exemplary

Melodi Rivera, Exemplary

Annabelle Rochin, Exemplary


New Tech Odessa

Lornalyn De Leon, Recognized

Georgina Figueroa, Recognized

Angelica Mack Rodriguez, Recognized

Yoana Picazo, Recognized


Noel Elementary

Irma Rizo, Recognized

Amanda Rodriguez, Recognized

Bianca Sanchez, Recognized

Laura Roman, Exemplary

Rhonda Ellington, Exemplary

Dana Batten, Master

Bailey Haney, Master

Patricia Holguin, Master

Sheila Wilson, Master



Danielle Jones, Recognized

Pamela Lopez, Recognized

Shelley Wagner, Recognized

Jelene Ballard, Exemplary

Magdeline Cook, Exemplary


Odessa Collegiate Academy

Travis Cooper, Exemplary

Anneliese Espinoza, Exemplary

Kelsey Martin, Exemplary

PiaAngeli Rosaldo, Exemplary

Lydia Roundtree, Exemplary


Odessa High School

Melissa Escalante, Recognized

Elizabeth Hernandez, Recognized

Jame Heuman, Recognized

Rochelle Manalastas, Recognized

Stephanie Marin, Recognized

Summer Percifield, Recognized

Natalie Roberson, Recognized

Madhumita Samayamanthula, Recognized

Elise Wagner, Recognized

Threena Margaret Mananquil, Exemplary

Amy Pena, Exemplary

Jinsi Shu, Exemplary

Kristi Williams, Exemplary


Pease Elementary

Janet Tensley, Recognized

Michelle Delamater, Exemplary

Rocio Castillo, Exemplary

Evelyn Frausto, Exemplary

Aida Garcia, Exemplary

Maria Gonzalez, Exemplary

Julie Loera, Exemplary

Kristie Mendoza, Exemplary

Jaclyn Perrin, Exemplary

Mayra Venegas, Exemplary

Laurie Bruner, Master

Shadiana Haney, Master

Selena Holguin, Master

Rocio Luna, Master

Maria Ramirez-Garza, Master


Permian High School

Robert Brescia, Recognized

Rolando Gloria, Recognized

Nicholas Harrison, Recognized

Vonda Leasure, Recognized

Jennifer Livesay, Recognized

Gerald Mabele, Recognized

Marie Ramos, Recognized

Dawnna Talley, Recognized

Christi Watson, Recognized

Robert Wills, Recognized

Monica Navidad-Verdin, Exemplary

Vanessa Vaughn, Exemplary


Reagan Elementary

Andrea Armendariz, Recognized

Debbie Gallemore, Recognized

Ruth Garcia, Recognized

Patricia Holguin, Recognized

Martha Mancha, Recognized

Ashley Tschauner, Recognized

Jennifer Carrasco, Exemplary

Kelly Davis, Exemplary

Connie Drager, Exemplary

Maria Fierro, Exemplary

Erin Franklin, Exemplary

Abby Gann, Exemplary

Brittany Looney, Exemplary

Brandy Taylor, Exemplary

Trinicia Watson, Exemplary

Maricela Young, Exemplary

Amelia Barnes, Master

Catalina Bobadilla, Master

Johana Gonzalez, Master

Ashley Herrington, Master

Jena Hopkins, Master

Melanie Key, Master

Jasmin Rodriguez, Master

Benjie Rosaldo , Master

Teresa Speer, Master


Ross Elementary

Stacy Booe, Recognized

Beth Pittmon, Recognized

Jennifer Cooper, Exemplary

Rhonda Beaman, Master

Andrea Berndt, Master

Catherine Caruso, Master

Juliana Denadai, Master

Maddison Kennedy, Master

Valerie Shreves, Master


Sam Houston Elementary

Shannon Beard, Recognized

Michelle Hernandez, Recognized

Janet Juarez, Recognized

Monique Lopez, Recognized

Cindy Almance, Exemplary


San Jacinto Elementary

Savannah Coley, Recognized

Destiny Ramirez, Recognized

Kendra Salgado, Recognized

Timothy Young, Recognized

Kaylea Brooks, Exemplary

Margaret Dutchover, Exemplary

Karla Ronquillo, Exemplary

Klarissa Salgado, Exemplary

Christine Carrillo, Master

Andrea Salcido, Master


STEM Academy at UTPB

Roberto Martinez, Recognized


Travis Elementary

Consuelo Soto, Recognized

Jolynn Logan, Exemplary

Mary Ramos, Exemplary


West Elementary

Karen Del Rio, Recognized

Betsy Loya, Recognized

John Lucio, Recognized

Mario Mendoza, Recognized

David Notario-Brox, Recognized

Sarah Burton, Exemplary

Nora Grijalva, Exemplary

Gabriel Mendez, Exemplary

Claudia Margarita Ruiz Arvizu, Exemplary

Isabella Soto, Exemplary

Amanda Tijerina, Exemplary

Victor Hugo Galvan Guzman, Master

Elizabeth Mcnabb, Master



Wilson & Young Medal of Honor Middle School

Mikaila Davis, Recognized

Joshua Ensey, Recognized

Dollucy Grainger, Recognized

Jorge Molinar, Recognized

Brad Repass, Recognized

Teri Richardson, Recognized

Ruby Brown, Exemplary

Nayla Carrasco, Exemplary

Julie Drainer, Exemplary

D'andra Hendricks, Exemplary

Crystal Mineo, Exemplary

Mary Carrasco, Master

Sara Cox, Master


Zavala Elementary

Elizabeth Ensey, Recognized

Rebecca Tucker, Recognized