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Trustees receive update on Strategic Plan process

The Ector County ISD Board of Trustees held a workshop by video conference on the evening of May 12. A recap of the agenda is below.


  1. Roll Call. Doyle Woodall was absent.


  1. Verification of Compliance with Open Meeting Law.


  1. There were no opening remarks.  


  1. There was no public comment.


  1. Report/discussion items


A. Dr. Muri updated Trustees on the work of the Strategic Planning committee. The presentation outlined the Vision, Mission, and Beliefs created by the Board of Trustees at the beginning of this process, which started in March 2019. He reviewed some of the statistics from his Look, Listen, and Learn tour when he started in this position last summer. A few of those key stats: in 2019, 65% of kindergarteners were not kindergarten-ready; 66% of 3rd graders were reading below grade level; and 68% of secondary students did not meet grade level requirements in Algebra I. He also talked with board members about the goals they have set in previous years. Dr. Muri reminded Trustees a large cross-section of people from our community formed the various teams of the Strategic Planning committee. The title given to the plan is “The Future is Now” and it places focus on three critical areas: Foundations, Talent, and Learning. He described the thinking behind each area. Foundational Excellence means the school district operates with excellent processes now while keeping an eye toward the future and continuously researching and innovating for tomorrow; Investing in Talent means recruiting, developing and keeping highly effective team members; and the Learning Journey will be designed to carry students from Prekindergarten into and through their college and career years. A series of key statistics will be the measures by which we know we are successful. You will find a copy of the presentation here -


B. Dr. Muri gave Trustees an update on a few elements of the District’s response to the COVID-19 situation. Our School Nutrition department has now served more than 900,000 meals since the school closure began; our police officers have made more than 900 welfare checks; 18,000 log-ins to iStation has translated into 102,000 hours of reading instruction for elementary and middle school students; 15,500 log-ins to Imagine Math with 175,000 lessons (with an increasing passing percentage since the start) for elementary and middle school students; the emergency child care center is now serving 37 kids and will continue through the end of June; our counseling support line is very active; Basin PBS continues to broadcast educational programming each day with aligned curriculum to go with it; ECISD @ Home TV is presenting programming created by our own employees daily; and our high schools are preparing several different ceremonies to celebrate the Class of 2020 which is on track to be 1,787 students strong. You can find graduation information here -           


  1. There was no closed session.


  1. Trustees and Dr. Muri all thanked ECISD team members for the incredible amount of work they have done during this closure. They expressed their pride in the way the District has worked to support students, families and the community as a whole.


The meeting adjourned at 7:19 p.m.